Arrested Voices

Wisconsin’s state capitol.  12 noon.  Monday – Friday.  Everyday. Since Friday, March 11, 2011.  The Solidarity Sing Along.  A gathering of peaceful voices singing for change.

BFF's summer 2011 field trip

BFF’s summer 2011 field trip

I’ve been fortunate enough to lend my voice to the Solidarity Sing Along on a number of occasions.  An experience so powerful that it eventually evolved into a summer field trip for my daughter and her BFF so they could unite in song and witness democracy.

Rebecca Kemble, a reporter for The Progressive Magazine, wrote today about the Solidarity Sing Along.  What is unusual about Rebecca’s article is that her parents are the center piece of her reporting.  They have been lending their voices to this peaceful gathering designed to create conversation and change.  Rebecca’s parents’ advocacy, passion and voices for change were upended today.  Beneath the majestic rotunda of the people’s house, Rebecca’s parents were arrested – for singing.

As I read what Rebecca had written about her parents and their peaceful advocacy, I wondered what it would be like to see your elderly parents arrested and their hands cuffed behind their backs for singing their truth.  It also has me wondering if I have the strength of my convictions to sing my truth and risk being an arrested voice.  How about you?


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