Label Sorting

As I woke up to a new year, I began thinking about sorting out the old from what will be the new. I also thought about how labels both hinder and help in the sorting.

Sometime in my pre-teen years, as I began to understand the ecology buzz of the 70s, I started peeling labels off the soup and vegetable cans stored in the kitchen cabinet. I cleverly (at least I thought I was!) used the inside of the labels as stationery. I would fold, tape and somewhere on the label write an address. A stamp was placed and off the ecologically friendly stationery went into the US Mail! (Do kids still do this – and how in the world did I ever address on top of the label – I bet the US Postmaster was glad when that trend ended!!!)

Without the labels staring back from the inside of the kitchen cabinet, we don’t really know what we’re getting. We have to dig a little deeper. We have to invest a little time. We don’t have a pre-conceived notion. Without labels, there is no “you go here” and “you’re one of those” sorting.

As the new year begins, I realize (after several cups of tea!) it’s not about the sorting. It’s about digging deeper, listening and peeling off the labels that clutter and get in the way of being the change I want for the world.

Happy New Year and Happy Label Peeling!


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