250 – 500 words

As the snow swirled in the Midwest today and I lamented having not gone to the grocery store yesterday, we hunkered down researching summer pre-college programs for our high schooler in between foraging an empty refrigerator and pantry.

Not surprisingly, each of the applications for the summer programs requires a response to a similar type statement that reads something like,

“In 250 – 500 words, tell us what you are passionate about and what you hope to learn during this summer program.”

This statement, requiring a response in application after application, got me thinking about my own work. I realized it is an excellent statement to respond to even if you’re not looking to enroll in a summer pre-college program.

FullSizeRender-43Just think, in 250 – 500 words you have the opportunity to quickly deduce if your perfectly, perfect self is passionate about the path you are on. In just 250 – 500 words you can ascertain if you are being pushed to new heights that spark new ideas, new thoughts, new learnings. In about a half-page of words typed in an 11 point Times New Roman font, you will reveal quite a bit about whether or not your path is the one that fills your heart, spirit and mind.

What will your 250 – 500 words reveal about your path?


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