Get Up and Go, left

Get-Up-and-GoSome mornings you wake up only to discover that your perfectly perfect self’s Get Up and Go has left the building.

My go-to strategy today to channel my missing Get Up and Go, was listening to a few segments of Seth Godin’s new audiobook – Leap First, Creating Work that Matters. While I haven’t listened to Seth’s entire audiobook, it reinforced something I learned early on from my dad.

If you’re unsure about how to do something or the work seems too overwhelming, focus on one small element or component of the work at hand. Amazingly, when you focus – not getting sidetracked by your inner doubting voice who is insistently persistent in her messaging that you’re not smart enough or good enough to do this work – the pieces start to fall into place. Before you know it you’re creating and doing something important – work that matters.

Great work happens in the doing. The doing, as it turns out, is also the great Get Up and Go whisperer!

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