Cart Tipping

You very likely have been invited to attend a meeting to be part of a team whom will be shaping and guiding a new and exciting project.

5066522398_4e12b4ea24Invariably, within the first 15 minutes of the meeting, either the person conducting the meeting or one of the eager participants will quickly identify the project’s “low-hanging fruit.”

Once the low hanging fruit has been identified, rapid consensus is typically built. Fairly quickly a plan is created around the low hanging fruit, outlining easily achievable targets and goals that require little effort. A safe way forward that keeps the apple cart in tact – no upset necessary.

In contrast, consider being the eager participant who pronounces that you’re interested in walking out onto the thinnest branches of the fruit tree. Out onto the thinnest branches of the tree where the fruit is the juiciest, the freshest and the most extraordinary.

Might the branch break anointing you with splinters in the most uncomfortable places? Absolutely.

Might you only manage to pick one or two pieces of fruit from that thin branch only to drop one of those beauties on the journey back to terra firma? Absolutely.

Might you pick the most succulent, rich and physically nourishing piece of fruit ever picked? Absolutely.

The choice is ours every single day – stay firmly grounded to that which is safe and easy, or climb a little higher onto more arduous and unstable footing.

Climb on up – the view is spectacular!







photo credit: <a href=”″>USBG Fruit Tree Capitol</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

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