Emotional Details

Picture of a Grand Piano KeyboardYou’ve spent hours designing and making the dress the concert pianist will wear for her Carnegie Hall opening night. The details of the dress are impeccable – the intricate white on white embroidered designs throughout, the hand-stitched seed pearls adorning the neckline and the painstakingly stitched handkerchief hem.

All details lost on the audience who are not close enough in proximity to discern or appreciate the beautifully designed intricacies of the dress.

Yet details the pianist will recognize as your emotional labor given to creating a perfect garment for her and for the extreme specialness of the occasion.

Expending emotional labor results in the details that have the power to make our work extraordinary, whether it’s for one or an entire Carnegie Hall.



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  1. Gary Hollander
    Feb 07, 2015 @ 07:54:20

    Thanks, Linda. Great point!

    It also strikes me that the pianist may benefit from the thoughtful design that is there to enhance the performance by creating sleeves that at one free her arms but stay away from the keyboard, a back that allows her to breathe freely into crescendos, and a skirt or pants that allow her pedal work complete freedom. Paired with our emotional work, this intelligent partnership also potentiates the performance.

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