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Today I was fortunate to spend time with an individual who is extraordinarily accomplished. The kind of accomplishments that result in your own Wikipedia page, pages of Google results and prestigious buildings bearing your name.

In our time together, the conversation continually circled back to what was most important to him – his family. The privilege of being a parent and the opportunity to be proud for the people your children are.

An accomplishment for him, I venture, more important than those found on Wikipedia or in Google results.

Sometimes the results that matter most to you – the ones that are deeply personal – are the results that are never measured or written about. Yet they are the results that fuel your own personal momentum and inspire your dreams.

What unWikepedia and unGoogle results are you striving for?


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  1. Gary Hollander
    Feb 13, 2015 @ 07:13:11

    Great question, Linda. I have known this answer for some time: To love someone sufficiently so that they can tell that I do, never doubting again that he is loved. To be loved by someone sufficiently so that I can tell that he does, never doubting again that I am loved.



  2. spiketon
    Feb 13, 2015 @ 07:46:30

    Anything regarding health or weight-so important to me but not wothy of Wike or Google. Unless you are the biggest loser



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