Pant linings, curtain linings, dress linings – they serve as a bit of protection against wear and tear. A great lining serves as an important, foundational element holding it all together.

Today as I sat shivering at my desk, wrapped in my puffer coat (you know the Michelin Man-esque kind perfect for walking Chandler the Beauty Dog in negative degree temps), feeling like I was in need of a power nap, I noticed that my Get Up and Go had wondered off.

Truthfully I was too cold and too tired to even care that my Get Up and Go girlfriend had wondered off. “Have a good time out there. Bring back some base board heaters, some energy and a little inspiration will you?”

FullSizeRender-50As I started to adjust my puffer coat for about the 100th time, I noticed something on the lining I had not noticed before. The words: live out loud everyday.

There it was on my coat lining. A bit of protection from the wear and tear of the day. A foundational element helping to warm up the day with a little energy boost. Get Up and Go had returned with inspiration.

Live out loud everyday!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. passionistaatlarge
    Feb 24, 2015 @ 05:20:03

    Very cute. One of my mottos, by the way. 🙂



  2. spiketon
    Feb 24, 2015 @ 18:55:56

    I bet Live out Loud is already embroidered on your DNA- you were just too cold to remember that. I think Forever Young is my message



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