In the middle

During this long, cold winter I’ve found a spot in our home that is the precise degree of toasty warm. A spot where an extra layer of wool socks, wool sweater and long johns are not required. A spot deserving of a comfy chair and a wonderfully steeped cup of tea.

The spot is the halfway point of the staircase. Many times this winter I have plopped right down at the mid-point. It felt good to sit in the warmth of the middle.

On one of my most recent plop-downs, the words from the Noble Duke of York began circulating through my head:

Oh, the noble duke of York,

He had ten thousand men.

He marched them up to the top of the hill, 

And marched them down again.

Oh, and when you’re up, you’re up. 

And when you’re down, you’re down. 

And when you’re only half way up, 

You’re neither up nor down.

godoyWhile plopping down in the middle may be the warm spot, the safe place, push out of the middle and into new territory. You never know what your perfectly, perfect self may discover.

Grab another layer and start marching!



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