Things Margie says

My mother, whom most refer to as Margie or Marge, shared this in response to yesterday’s International Women’s Day and the subject of gender equality:

My generation knew we could be teachers, nurses, telephone operators, clerks, waitresses, nuns, secretaries and, of course, housewives. During WW2 women worked in the factories making our aircraft. You would think that would have made us equals – not so.  Things have come a long way. We must continue to be brave.


Mrs. Banks from Disney’s Mary Poppins

Thank you Mom for all the ways in which you bravely paved the way for my generation. And a great big thank you for never complaining as I marched around the house singing to Sister Suffragette from Mary Poppins, over and over and over again, set to volume high on my trusty play and close record player.

Singing in grateful chorus to you Mom and to all of the generations of women who have worked and continue to work towards equality for all people: well done!


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