HarmD-The Grotto 24x18 880 Vel v2 (2)

The Grotto landscape collage painted by master gardener and artist Diane Harm

On the historic grounds of the Dayton VA sits an exquisite garden called The Grotto dating back to the Civil War.

After many grand and glorious years, The Grotto eventually fell into significant disrepair.

Following decades of neglect, this historic gem became so overgrown it was nearly hidden from sight.

Enter a group of dedicated Master Gardener volunteers. Volunteers who had a vision of what could be. Volunteers who took the initiative to start. Volunteers who showed up week after week, year after year and who are still going strong.

Volunteers who are using their perfectly, perfect gifts to honor the lives and service of past, current and future veterans by returning The Grotto’s sacred grounds to a place of beauty, a place for healing and a place for serenity.

So many gems, like The Grotto, are in our paths everyday. With a little inspiration and a little initiative, there’s much to be unearthed.

As my father, who has been leading The Grotto project says about all aspects of life, “Dig in – there’s nothing to it!”

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