Kinetic pow!

Bill Humphries kinetic art

Artist Bill Humphries – kinetic art

When family or friends are feeling down, angry or out of energy, I often inquire, “Do you need a kick-in-the-pants?”

Of course, the answer is always a definitive and resounding, “No!”

Simply by asking this age-old absurd question, energetic inertia and woe-is-me thought patterns seem to be interrupted.

Instead, the focus becomes “Whoa, I’d better get moving because she’s really going to give me a kick-in-the-pants.” A focus that can help reverse a downward spiral of negativity.

The point of the kick-in-the-pants is always to deliver confidence, support and love while providing a moment of respite from the overwhelming.

And that’s the kinetic, I-believe-in-you, pow kick we all need from family and friends every now and again.


Art: Kinetic art by artist Bruce Humphries  featured in the 2015 Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design pre-college summer brochure.


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