Conspiracy Theories

They seem to be everywhere. Nearly a day passes without one or more media outlets reporting on the latest political conspiracy theory as November nears.

Among the hyperbole and vitriol, one conspiracy theory appears to be suspiciously missing – yours.

What might your life and career look like if you decide, in this exact moment, to conspire with yourself?8466905745_a09e5c91fe

Might you make that first mark and then another and another until the painting in your head begins to take shape? Or, perhaps you might revisit those lyrics you scribbled in your journal to give voice to the voiceless. Crazier yet, you might tender your resignation from a job you’ve disliked for a decade and start shooting that film you storyboard each night.

The greatest conspiracy to have ever been conceived is just waiting for you. Eagerly anticipating that glorious moment when perfectly perfect you, with all of your magnificent imperfections, reaches down deep inside to honor and bring to the surface your extraordinary gifts and talents – for you to conspire on behalf of you.

That’s a conspiracy theory worth reporting.

photo credit: Partitura_02 via photopin (license)

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gary Hollander
    Sep 26, 2016 @ 08:57:29

    Love this notion of conspiring with ourselves. Your post makes me wonder if I am drawn to a conspiracy theory when I am feeling powerless, suspecting that I am being ganged up on while failing to join a gang of my own.

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  2. Dana
    Sep 26, 2016 @ 14:54:08

    “conspire on behalf of you.” Loved this, Linda. Thank you. It’s easy to direct our energy on the external drama in place of focusing our energy on the internal yearnings. Blessings my friend.



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