Back-up Plan

Meet Katie Mattie, author, speaker, filmmaker and blogger who is this blog’s first guest blogger – what an honor Katie – thank you!

Katie is one of the country’s important voices who works diligently to be the change she wants for the world. If you haven’t watched Katie’s TEDx talk from earlier this year it is an absolute must.

11202618_10153283970477082_8782138653829808836_nBack-up Plan by Katie Mattie

Sometimes you have a perfectly perfect plan of where you’re going in life. Sometimes you have a big dream, and every day you work toward making that dream a reality.

Sometimes your big dream comes true instantly.

And sometimes you have to dig into your back-up plan. Sometimes you have to dig into back-up plans B, C, D, E-Z to make the big dream come alive.

Wherever you are on your journey, your dream is still waiting for you. Your job is to figure out how many back-up plans you’ll have to use to get there.

So…are you brave enough to get to plan Z?

Things Margie says

My mother, whom most refer to as Margie or Marge, shared this in response to yesterday’s International Women’s Day and the subject of gender equality:

My generation knew we could be teachers, nurses, telephone operators, clerks, waitresses, nuns, secretaries and, of course, housewives. During WW2 women worked in the factories making our aircraft. You would think that would have made us equals – not so.  Things have come a long way. We must continue to be brave.


Mrs. Banks from Disney’s Mary Poppins

Thank you Mom for all the ways in which you bravely paved the way for my generation. And a great big thank you for never complaining as I marched around the house singing to Sister Suffragette from Mary Poppins, over and over and over again, set to volume high on my trusty play and close record player.

Singing in grateful chorus to you Mom and to all of the generations of women who have worked and continue to work towards equality for all people: well done!



Actress Alexis Bledel

Happy International Women’s Day!

How absolutely wonderful to have watched the UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson’s live streaming Facebook event and listened to the Rising Women Rising World global event with Dr. Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson and Claire Zammit.

Some excellent learnings and reminders:

  • Your perfectly, perfect voice and your values can shape the future. Who will you be? What will you create? What will you have the courage to stand for?
  • Get out from under the old, worn-out lizard brain stories you tell yourself about not being smart enough, resourced enough, not good enough. Connect with and embrace your voice in this world. Acknowledge this is your world and you have a responsibility to take care of it – your voice matters.
  • Rally around and cheer on the women who have the courage to lead:I stand with you. I stand for you.”

 As Emma Watson brought her comments to a close, she shared this:

 “You are a human being.

 “You can change the world.

 “Be brave. Be brave. Be brave.”

Indeed. Be brave perfectly, perfect you – the world needs your voice at this exact moment. You are human. You can and will change the world.