The sludgey undertow

It’s easy to get accustomed to doing things the way you’ve always done them especially when those ways are producing results.

Adapting and maybe even jettisoning a long-time business model to meet the changing needs, changing populations and changing demographics can be especially challenging.

12751864993_8e4a2ec6e6When it’s time for your business or your project to evolve, the way forward may seem overwhelming and impossible. That way forward becomes clouded by enthusiastic finger pointing. Soliloquies full of fervor and disdain for individuals and management crash through meeting rooms and hallways creating a sludge-like undertow. Meanwhile all rational thought slips out the emergency exit.

So what’s the magic awesome sauce needed to avoid a poke in the eye and the sludgey undertow?

Getting back to your roots. Getting back to you.

The way forward is simply not that daunting – it’s a place you know and where your perfectly perfect, brilliant, energetic self thrives.  It’s the same place where your business or project thrives.

The way forward is rooted where your business or project got started in the first place: endless hard work, unflagging determination, infectious passion, collaboration, teamwork, the willingness to take risks, try, test, learn, implement and then do it all again. That’s how you built where you are today and that’s how you’ll continue to evolve and adapt to a changing environment.

Whether it’s plugging in your computer, covering the walls with giant post-its or scribbling on cocktail napkins, it’s time to initiate forward motion for your project – today.

It’s time to get back to your roots. It’s time to get back to you and the extraordinary ways you make important work happen.

It’s time. Go.

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