Do what?

8180180280_7dd4dee256Do what you love, love what you do.

Several weeks ago I had occasion to be in Philadelphia’s train station. It was rainy, dreary and cold – extra cold in the station as the heat had been turned off for the spring/summer season.

It seemed as if the cold in the station was making travelers’ and workers’ emotions extra frosty.

Surprisingly my own shivering daughter decided she wanted an actual Frosty.

We trudged across the station to get in-line. The crabby factor wasn’t any better on the other side of the station except for one effusive fast-food worker.

It was as if she was welcoming you to the most exquisite place on earth. She actually looked you in the eyes as she asked for your order. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Her passion and energy magically erasing the cold and dreary day.

As we thanked her for her kindness and her enthusiasm she said, “I love customer service. I love people. I love what I do.”

This incredible woman with a magnificent heart wasn’t a minimum wage, fast-food worker stuck behind a burger counter in a train station on a damp, dreary and cold day. She was doing what she loved. Providing extraordinary customer service from her very core.

Where she was and what the job was didn’t matter.

May you bring the love and passion at the core of your perfectly, perfect self into all of the new week’s doing.  In the doing there is the opportunity to make a difference in the world no matter the setting.

Do what you love, love what you do – with vigor.


photo credit: Brian Andreas via photopin (license)

No one’s watching

Commitment.  Some are made publicly and some are made privately.

How do you treat your commitments when they’re just between you and your beautiful self?  Will you carry through or give yourself a break because after all, who’s really watching?

Be true to yourself!