Drag Queens, Tupperware and Burps!

That big, brilliant idea of yours that only perfectly, perfect you can create – what’s keeping you from giving it a whirl?

Is it because it’s been done before?  Is it because you can never be as “smart” as Mary Sue in the IT department who serves on two different non-profit boards and was just recognized as the company’s top performer? Or are you just at a loss of where to start with your big idea – how to take that first step?

The reasons to not give your idea, your big dream a whirl are infinitely plentiful.  The reason to start, the reason to give your idea that you’ve been turning over and over in your many showering or driving brainstorm sessions is simple and short:  you.

You have a unique perspective to bring to the world.  No one else is wired like you.  It is your own brilliant flaws, imperfections, gifts, talents and life experiences that make you especially qualified to introduce your big dream to the world.

Take Kevin Farrell actor and author, for example.  He has become the top-selling Tupperware lady in the United States. A remarkable feat given the enormous availability of storage containers in the aisles of your grocery store and big box retailers.  Retailers have made certain you never have to sit through another Tupperware party again – ever.

Dee W. Ieye - the country's top selling Tupperware lady!

Dee W. Ieye – the country’s top selling Tupperware lady!

Enter Kevin’s alter ego:  Dee W. Ieye.  Dee is the drag queen of Tupperware and has managed to give the 65-year old Tupperware party a double twisting somersault flip forward to relevancy. By leveraging Tupperware’s proven business model Dee is selling something much different than Tupperware.  Dee is selling entertainment, Dee is selling theatre – Tupperware just happens to be the vehicle.

In addition to providing entertainment, Dee’s approach provides the forum to come together in community versus feeling a sense of obligation to buy something.  While we would need a psychologist to weigh in on this, my notion is that Dee is the number one selling Tupperware lady in the U.S.  because she taps into an emotional motivation versus an obligatory motivation to purchase that super wonderful lettuce crisper, that you may or may not need.  The purchase happens because Dee allows you to imprint a positive experience.  She instantly replaces that sense of despair of having to buy something you really don’t want or need because it’s your next-door neighbor’s Tupperware Party.

The world needs your big idea. It needs your smarts and brilliance to modernize “done before” ideas.  The world needs you to press that burp seal and let your idea escape from the tightly sealed storage container it’s been in for much too long!

Start burping!

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