Chime, chime, Beep, beep

14775308183_9529acf60e_nMany stores have a chiming system. When a customer walks in and out of the store a chime, chimes. Homes with monitoring systems can be programmed with a beeping system. When a door to the home is opened or closed the beep, beeps.

The chimes and beeps are there to indicate comings and goings. To welcome, bid adieu and monitor.

Today I got to thinking about what it would be like to have a personal chiming system.

A system to welcome ourselves to our perfectly, perfect selves. Welcoming ourselves into our own big lives with grace, hugs and support like we do when friends and family stop by.

A system that properly bids adieu to projects and work our perfectly, perfect selves have completed. A real celebration of the accomplishment – for a job well done before hastily moving on to the next big thing.

A system that monitors our perfectly, perfect selves when we lose our way. A system that gently pulls us back to center when we become fearful of taking that next step or taking a risk.

Chime in and take the time to love, celebrate and encourage perfectly, perfect you.


photo credit: 2014-07-27 16.27.27 via photopin (license)