Mud stuck

You’re working, working, working. Writing, writing, writing. Making, making, making.

2917903751_7194f2abdf_mAnd then all of the sudden – BAM – you’re stuck. The working, writing and making grind to a splattering, muddy halt.

That mud you’re stuck in? Most likely it’s your lizard brain, aka your inner mean girl. She’s scared out of her wits you might fail or not get it all perfect enough.

“What? You succeed?”  she says. “You don’t even know what you’re doing. You’re not fooling anyone – especially me!”

You know this conversation with the inner mean girl because it’s the same old, same old every. single. time. Tedious, isn’t it?

Instead of being stuck in mud and circuitous conversations in your head, get up. Take a break. Fix yourself a cup of tea. Walk down to the corner and back. Get the blood circulating through your heart and your brain.

Now that you’ve had your moment to power wash the mud-stuck mode, get back in there girl. This world needs the working, writing and making that perfectly, perfectly you are creating.

Go. Work. Write. Make!

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FullSizeRender-68Find them.

Surround yourself with them.

They are the risk takers.

The ones creating and making work that matters. The ones who understand, embrace and celebrate failure for all of its juicy, enlightening nuggets – the bedrock for phenomenal work moving forward.

It’s time to embrace your inner weirdo.

Make work that matters.

Are you a weirdo?


Today I experienced my second martial arts lesson. When everyone was turning right, I was turning left. When everyone was facing forward I was invariably facing backwards. When you were to have landed on your right foot I was on my left. And so it went for a full sixty minutes of martial arts disasternous.

At the end of class the instructor attached two half colored stripes to the white belt I was wearing to indicate progress. As he was placing the progress stripes onto the belt I could barely look at him. It was so clear to me that my efforts were not deserving.

And then, almost like one of those ear buds that reporters wear to hear their producers, my inner voice of reason was in my ear and my head. She, not so patiently pointed out, that the instructor had been doing this for most of his life – “you have not.” She also noted that sans any martial arts qualifications or experience I had no business telling the instructor how to do his job including who and who not to award progress stripes to.

FullSizeRender-41Deciding to look the instructor in the eye, I shared, “This isn’t easy. It’s frustrating making so many mistakes.”

Looking back he said, “Ahhh, it is through our mistakes we learn. Keep making mistakes and you will learn.”

Today’s martial arts disasternous reminded me to:

  • respect those that have skills and knowledge that are different than mine – there is much to be learned
  • respect myself and my mistakes – there is much to be learned
  • practice – a lot, as in a whole, whole lot and then a little bit more before next Saturday – there is much to be learned!

It’s a hard knock life

What is the greatest kerfuffle, spectacular flop or colossal failure you have had the privilege of experiencing that has shaped and informed your life?

Rather than pretending those flame-out moments and projects haven’t happened or wishing them away, immerse yourself in them. They’re full of juicy goodness.

All of our kerfuffles and flops build our own perfectly perfect, brilliant school of knowledge. A school that we have the opportunity to masterfully keep building with the learnings and insights learned over and over and over again from that equally brilliant place – the school of hard knocks.

What are you waiting for? The school of hard knocks is at your door!