That big dream that’s been bouncing between your head and your heart. It requires inordinate support, attention and care. The business plan, the investors, the website, the elevator speech – that dream of yours can be one demanding woman!

When you’re going for your big dream, she isn’t the only one who is demanding. There are scores of other responsibilities and commitments ally vying for your time and energy.

The one gift you can give yourself in support of your dream is a good night’s rest – even the scientist and researchers agree with your mom on this one – 8 hours every night.

When you’re pursuing your big dream, that new initiative at work, or organizing the Girl Scout cookie sale, consistently obtaining 8 hours every night helps you be more effective in all of your endeavors.

So what’s keeping you from sleep? Put on the tea kettle and start winding down. Clean sheets, chamomile tea, cozy pajamas, no electronics (okay – that one is challenging) and a super dark room all set the scene for an early night to bed.

After all, no amount of caffeine can fuel your dream like the perfectly, perfect well rested you!

Sweet dreams!