Honey of a chance

2268587409_45b9f80b0eRemember when you expended every single molecular ounce of energy, creativity and chutzpah getting someone you really, really liked to like you back? When you desperately wanted them to take a chance on you? (Cue ABBA’s Take a Chance on Me.)

Sometimes you become so busy working to get others to like you or morph into the person you think they’ll like, you neglect the extraordinary opportunity right in front of you. The opportunity to take a chance on your own perfectly, perfect Queen Bee self.

The chance to launch your big, important dream.

The chance to write the novel you’ve been editing in your head.

The chance to say yes to hanging your own shingle.

The chance of you is now. Go ahead – take it.

That’s all I ask of you honey!

photo credit: Honeycomb via photopin (license)