What if?

images-11It’s the first day of spring. A time to celebrate all that is new. All that is fresh. All that is re-awakening.

It’s also an excellent day to celebrate one of the fresh, modern voices advocating on behalf of equality.

Meet Katie Mattie. A recent University of Notre Dame graduate, author, blogger, filmmaker and most recently speaker at TEDx Notre Dame.

Take a listen to Katie’s TEDx called, “What if Iron Man was a Woman?”

Get inspired by Katie’s energy, her wisdom and her important voice. Enjoy being entertained, especially as she reveals a revelation to her father!

Then, schedule some time with yourself to consider this: what if perfectly, perfect you renewed your commitment, passion and desire to be the change you want for the world?

If you were to take this time of reflection, using one of Katie’s words, that would be “epic!”

Create the M.A.J.I.C. you want for the world, just like Katie is!