In your own words

and-so-she-lit-the-wayToday I had the opportunity to view the HBO Documentary, Gloria: In Her Own Words. It was fascinating to learn about Ms. Steinem’s journey, becoming one of the most recognized and important voices in the women’s movement.

The archival footage of her life and clips from press interviews over the years were both alarming (lots of haters) and inspiring.

One particular piece of advice Ms. Steinem offered during the interview segment of the documentary, regarding advocating for women and humankind really resonated:

 “Don’t listen to me. Listen to yourself.”

Yes. Absolutely. Please do listen to your perfectly, perfect self.

Your voice is especially important in this world, even when you don’t fully trust it. A voice resonating with wisdom, passion and knowledge. A voice fueling a bright light to shine into the darkness to bring about change.

Your own words – words that can voice the change the world needs at this very moment.

Let your words light the way!


Photo Credit:  Mimi Matthews.  More of Mimi’s EmPOWordment Cards can be found on her Etsy site.  You can also follow Mimi’s inspired and important voice on her blog, Particular Passions.