Back-up Plan

Meet Katie Mattie, author, speaker, filmmaker and blogger who is this blog’s first guest blogger – what an honor Katie – thank you!

Katie is one of the country’s important voices who works diligently to be the change she wants for the world. If you haven’t watched Katie’s TEDx talk from earlier this year it is an absolute must.

11202618_10153283970477082_8782138653829808836_nBack-up Plan by Katie Mattie

Sometimes you have a perfectly perfect plan of where you’re going in life. Sometimes you have a big dream, and every day you work toward making that dream a reality.

Sometimes your big dream comes true instantly.

And sometimes you have to dig into your back-up plan. Sometimes you have to dig into back-up plans B, C, D, E-Z to make the big dream come alive.

Wherever you are on your journey, your dream is still waiting for you. Your job is to figure out how many back-up plans you’ll have to use to get there.

So…are you brave enough to get to plan Z?


FullSizeRender-47Life is once

Life is short

Act upon your dreams!

What dream action do you have planned for this week?

Consider scheduling several twenty minute blocks of time with your perfectly, perfect self, to begin taking action on your big dream or project.

Maybe it’s sketching out some thoughts in a notebook or meeting with a trusted, supportive friend to help you map out your next action step.

Say hello to your new week – ready, set, action!