The “ov” life hack

lifehackAn extraordinary thing happened today.

Actually several extraordinary things happened today.

A friend introduced me to some new people during an inspired life celebration for Mary Louise Mussoline, a woman who lived wholeheartedly, leaving the world and the city of Milwaukee better than she found it.

When asked during the introduction how we knew each other, he responded, “We’re heart friends.”

Not, “oh we worked together on xyz project” or, “we met during the xyz event” rather “we’re heart friends.”


Following Mary Louise’s life celebration, complete with a dance party hosted by Radio Milwaukee, the news of Al Jarreau’s death was breaking.


On the day in which Mary Louise’s exceptional life and her ability to utilize music as a vehicle for unity in this racially divided city was being celebrated, the brilliantly talented artist, musician and Milwaukee native Al Jarreau’s life, also using music as change agent, came to an end.

Upon returning home I listened to Al Jarreau’s “We’re in this love together.”

Not “we’re in this life together.” Something much more profound – we’re in this love together – we’re heart friends.

In order to extraordinarily live each day being the change you want for the world, like Milwaukee’s own Mary Louise Mussoline and Al Jarreau, it takes a little life hack – changing up the rhythm of life to the rhythm of love.

Together, as perfectly perfect heart friends, we are indeed in this stressful, politically and socially challenging, gorgeously messy, love together.

As Mary Louise’s dance party was coming to an end, another friend shared this pearl he had learned regarding life and death: “I greet you from the other side. With a love so vast and shattered it will reach you everywhere.”

Go. Do. Be – in this life of love together.

photo credit: monsieurlam Divide : My Favorite Tune via photopin (license)

Shine Bright

The synchronicity of the universe.

I’ve kept a card from Sarah Fierek – the gracious, inspiring, creative, intelligent and amazingly wonderful connector of people – next to my writing spot.

Inside the card, she penned one of her beautiful, inspirational quotes. Today’s post felt like the exact right time to share Sarah’s quote.

As I was writing the title for this post – Shine Bright – something Sarah had written to me in her card, I was pulled off-task by Facebook’s ping alert. And, of course, once the almighty Facebook ping pings, it’s the understood mandate to abandon everything to discover what is happening in FB Land!


Shine On, Shine Bright

Jumping onto Facebook, I immediately spotted the post from Sarah. Another one of her stunning photographs. I caught my breath as I noticed she had entitled the photograph, Shine On Milwaukee.

Ah, yes, the synchronicity of the universe – shine on, shine bright – agreeing this was the exact right time to share Sarah’s quote.

May these words from Sarah inspire you as you begin a new week, moving harmoniously with the rhythms of the universe. Permitting your perfectly, perfect self to shine bright.

“A harmony from a distance tells me to dream –

A song that’s so perfect the radio sings.” – Sarah Fierek

Photo Credit: Sarah Fierek