“No backsies” is one of my favorite lines from A Bargain for Frances, a children’s book by Russell Hoban. The line is used as one character Thelma dupes Frances, the story’s protagonist. Thelma convinces Frances to give her something she wants.  Something that Frances has worked for and Thelma has not.

7188627In the absence of a duping, “no backsies” approach, the opportunity for generous “backsies” is possible.

Backsies is something we can all do – giving back to honor the people and the places which have set us on our path towards our big dream. Backsies might come in the form of volunteering, financial support or taking time to write a letter expressing gratitude.

As you work towards your big dream, take a moment to give backsies to the organizations and people that have helped perfectly, perfect you along your way!