5936502386_6310cddf80_mWhat are the old stories you tell your perfectly, perfect self?

As new growth and new life are springing forth, now is the time to shed the old stories dragging you down.

Now is the opportunity for you to connect with a new story that honors your voice. The story in which you step into your own personal power to be the change you want for the world.

The world is waiting for your new story to unfold.

Generational Tales

laura-ingalls-wilders-148th-birthday-6591517888086016.2-hpToday Google’s search page honors what would have been Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 148th birthday.

Wilder started writing her books, still loved by generations of readers, when she was 44.

Or, there’s 15-year-old Katie who attends Shorewood High School in Wisconsin. Her goal is to inspire young people around the world to write. Katie has just won the AFS Vision in Action award for her volunteer project called Kids Tales logoKids Tales around the World.” An approach Katie created to encourage young people to write. Take a minute to watch her inspiring video about her project for a new generation of writers.

No matter your age, perfectly perfect you has a story to share, a story to write that will be the change for yourself, another person or another generation.

Write on!