Next please

2661425133_1328692483_nThis time next week I will have the opportunity to review the information.

This time next month I’ll have more information and will be able to consider making a decision.

This time next year I’ll be ready to make a decision about whether or not to move forward with my big dream.

Take this time now – today – to start shaping your big dream. Take this time now to move your big dream forward.

This time now – it’s yours – take it!

photo credit: Time via photopin (license)

Time bending

spiral-clock-1Tomorrow at this time, your presentation, that isn’t quite finished, will be over. Hallelujah.

Tomorrow at this time, the biopsy will be over. Thank goodness.

Tomorrow at this time, the meeting with the stockholders will be over. Amen.

Today at this time, exists an abundance of wisdom, insight and grace —just for you — to fuel and support your best self, tomorrow at this time.

An abundance within reach of perfectly, perfect you — yours for the taking today — no bending required.