Awkward Turtle

FullSizeRender-51During her pre-teen years, my daughter, in a sing songie voice, with one hand on top of the other and her thumbs moving in and out, would occasionally pronounce, “Awkward Turtle.” Instantly upon hearing those sing songie words I was abundantly aware I had committed the ultimate and super un-cool faux pas in the pre-teen world.

Awkward Turtle moments are prevalent throughout every life stage. There’s those awkward moments when you first pull a new team together to share your idea. The awkwardness of a new job. That awkwardness of attending an event where you know no one.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could just avoid awkwardness? It seems like a permanent ban on Awkward Turtle moments would make life a little more delightful.

However, what if you were to do the thing that feels counter-intuitive and actually value awkwardness, which is intrinsically linked to vulnerability? To languish in those moments where you risk being rejected. Where you take the deep breath knowing others may not like your idea. When you tell your story for the first time.

Perhaps it’s time to take a new look at awkwardness if for only this reason – awkwardness is a part of every new beginning – the special moments, adventures and new chapters of life.

When you embrace, value and celebrate awkwardness, your perfectly, perfect self shines through with your exceptional gifts and talents that only you can give the world.

The world needs you and all of your awkward turtleness at this very moment!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. passionistaatlarge
    Feb 27, 2015 @ 06:28:34

    Ok, I’ll try that next time. 🙂



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